Monday, January 19, 2009

Pretty in Pink by Made With Clay and Love

A beautiful little hot pink flower is the focal point of this necklace. It was handmade with polymer clay, petal by petal. It hugs a little pearl of clay in the centre. The pendant is attached to a string of beautiful hand-linked 14mm round faceted jet glass beads and then secured to a sterling plated chain.It measures approximately 18" long, and can be shortened upon request. I can also custom make one with a different color flower if you would like! This elegant necklace is a wonderful and unique gift for yourself or for someone special. This Necklace was made by "Made With Clay and Love"


  1. What a great idea you have here. I am sure you will have no problems filling this blog up with jewelry finds...have fun!

  2. lol Funny you should say that, the whole idea for this blog came from me having to turn down jewelry for product reviews on my other blogs. Plus I hope everyone enjoys a just for mommy jewelry directory. Have Fun!



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